The dishes are all handcrafted by hand, selecting the products and using exclusively local raw materials, traditional flavors jealously guarded and re-proposed day after day depending on the season.

Wide variety of appetizers based on fresh seasonal products from the simplest to the most particular, such as Salvia Fritta and Stuffed Pumpkin Flowers (spring-summer), Fried Polenta with Cheese Fondue and Balsamic Vinegar Cream, Truffle and Mushroom Crostini (Spugnole, Porcini, Prugnoli), Egg Salad (summer).

Fresh homemade pasta: potato gnocchi, tortellini in broth, tagliatelle with meat sauce and mushrooms, pancakes stuffed with mushrooms, ricotta and spinach tortelloni with walnut sauce and green tortelloni with butter and sage nettles and truffle dishes.

Grilled meats, fillets, ribs, game dishes. Fried mushrooms, grilled and sautéed. Tasting of dumplings and tigelle, even whole with sauces, meats and cheeses.

Homemade desserts: zuppa inglese, crema catalana, ricotta semifreddo, sweet love (an ancient recipe handed down from three generations), chocolate brownies served with Crema Crema. It is also possible to taste the berries of our territory and in particular the prized Black Cranberry of Fanano.

Selection of mainly local wines with some national labels. In the cellar there is an excellent red wine - the Morastello - produced exclusively with grapes from the upper Apennines.

Pizzas cooked in a wood oven.

The Locanda Romana can accommodate about 100 people in two internal rooms, while in the summer the seats double thanks to a fresh and comfortable veranda in a rustic style. Precisely because of its size, the restaurant is suitable for banquets and ceremonies, but also for theme nights and birthday parties for adults and children, such as fish-based dinners or evenings with live music (Irish music, piano-bar, revival) etc.).

Locanda Romana favors the purchase of raw materials at zero kilometers, giving ample space to products from organic cultivation and making the most of the forest and undergrowth products of our mountain (raspberries, blueberries, mushrooms of all kinds, etc ...) like herbs and condiments (sage, rosemary, chives, etc.) all in the respect and sublimation of the flavors and aromas of nature.

Terms and conditions

1. Check-in time is from 12:00 and check-out time is until 10:00.
2. Guests will be held responsible for any loss or damage to rooms caused by themselves, their friends or anyone responsible.
3. The management is not responsible for personal and valuable objects of the guests, such as money, jewelery or any other valuable object left by guests in the rooms.
4. Regardless of the debit instructions, the guest acknowledges that he is personally responsible for the payment of all expenses incurred on behalf of the guests during the stay.

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